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Gathering Resources for Beloved Community

It's Time to Be a Gift!

What's it take to build beloved community?
How do we gather resources needed for our transformative work? 


The picture above is a shot of Jackson and the gate he designed for our fence

project. The Dotte Agency is an outreach from KU's School of Architecture

that does community engagement through design build projects. These

graduate architecture students engage the community to discover needs

and then design and build to meet a particular need they have identified.

Professor Nils Gore and his students have designed and built a new fence

for the play yard of the church. Using hog grid panels and galvanized posts

and rails the fence has a unique character that is relatively utilitarian.

But one student, Jackson, pictured above, wanted to add a personal GPPC

touch to the project. Something more beloved that speaks of community

was needed and so he designed and built a gate using the outline of our

iconic rosette window. 

It's quite amazing how resources make their way to find us. Gifts of time,

treasure, and talents show up right on time as the old gospel song states.

There is so much going on that it is sometimes hard to keep up.

  • A vibrant family of friends striving to incarnate Beloved Community

  • Partners helping fulfill our vision and mission like Stitching Cahnge,

           MORE2, Dotte Agency, and the Kansas City Latin Jazz Orchestra

  • Outreach efforts that build Beloved Community like La Paz Food Pantry,

           La Paz Kids Club, and the Deacon's Compassion Fund

  • An exciting new cross-cultural relationship with First Baptist Church

           and Pastor Cedric Rowan

  • Original/homegrown liturgy from our team of gifted writers

  • A new Kitchen and Meeting Space soon to open, La Cocina de la Paz

  • And . . . We are grateful for YOU!!!

With so much going on, we might struggle to remember that there is an

organization behind these efforts that needs support. While most of our

outreach efforts receive sufficient funding to get the work done, that is not so true for the church itself.

This year brought significant pressure to our church budget. As the year end approaches we find ourselves in a bit of a hole budget-wise. This is not that unusual this time of year. Normally, end of the year gifts bring us back up to even. That is not looking to be the case at this point this year.

This is why the leadership team at Grandview Park is writing to you. Together we believe we can build the resources we need to accomplish our mission.

To that end we are asking you to consider celebrating our 134 years of continuing to build a Beloved Community by giving a special year-end gift of $134 (or more!). (Designate "Church Budget" from the pull down menu on the DONATE HERE button.) 

We are also asking for your continued commitment during this next year as we seek to increase giving by 15% for 2024. It is crucial as we plan that we know we have resources to sustain the mission and ministry. Please make your pledge for 2024 through the following link:




Thank you for your dedication and commitment to build Beloved Community with your GPPC Familia!

So be it! See to it!

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